New Visions for Public Schools

New Visions is a non-profit organization which focuses on generating innovative curriculum and strategies for public schools. This project was heavily geared with high tech AV technology throughout almost every office and conference room. Another key factor was the Road Runner wall; which was an original piece of art drawn by the famous Chuck Jones. John Gallin & Son transported this Art piece from New Vision’s previous location which was also constructed by Gallin to their current location.

Location: 205 East 42nd Street, 4th Floor
Square Footage: 22,500
Architect: HLW
VP of Operations: Robert Kondracki
Project Manager: Jesse Mota
Superintendent:  Al Giannone
Account Executive: Christopher Gallin

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  • Before-New Visions One
    After-New Visions One
    Before New Visions One After
  • Before-New Visions Two
    After-New Visions Two
    Before New Visions Two After
  • Before-New Visions Three
    After-New Visions Three
    Before New Visions Three After