Company History

Throughout our firm’s remarkable evolution, one fact has remained constant:
a Gallin has always been at the helm.

Since John Gallin founded John Gallin & Son as a small masonry and concrete company in 1886, the firm has grown to become one of New York’s most respected general contracting and construction management companies. From founder John Gallin to his great-grandson, current president Thomas Gallin Jr., we have maintained a tradition of excellence that sets John Gallin & Son apart from its peers.

Three Gallin family members continue to lead John Gallin & Son, the oldest family-owned interior contracting company in New York. To this day, we promise that “there’s always a member of the family on the job.”

Our firm’s success, just like the success of a sports team, is due to the quality of the personnel and the chemistry among them. Not only is the firm managed by members of the Gallin family, but our core professionals have been with the company for decades and are among the industry’s most highly skilled. Furthermore, in several cases, we have employed multiple generations of the same family. This type of continuity allows John Gallin & Son to consistently provide construction excellence as it has for the last century.

While more than 135 years have passed since John Gallin came to New York from Ireland, John Gallin & Son continues to earn the trust of New York’s most discerning buyers of interior construction and alteration work.