The pre-construction process is where the greatest savings will occur, through intensive planning among you, the architect, and us. Our highly trained project management teams are able to communicate effectively among all parties and ensure that everyone has a complete understanding of the process. This will result in reduced costs, faster delivery of your finished space, and fewer difficulties during­ the construction process.


We manage the day-to-day activities on- and off-site, including quality and cost controls and project closeout.
There are four main aspects to the pre-construction process:

Kick-Off Meeting

Our project manager and account executive meet with you and the design team to set the parameters of the project.

Value Engineering

We work with you and the design team to identify alternative schemes that will reduce costs and/or save time. Because of our many years of experience, we are able to find creative ways to make your construction process optimally cost-effective.


The project team sets the preliminary timetable for the construction process, taking your needs into account.

Cost Control

With your approval, the project team sets up the financial framework for the project and a method for tracking costs.