Vox Media

At nearly 85,000 square feet Vox Media’s new offices weren’t just large—they were specialized. And Gallin delivered a space fully equipped with everything a major media company needs: five recording studios, ten broadcast/editing studios, a public-assembly-sized café, and a light fixture package that included over 40 different types of lights, more than half of which were custom made especially for Vox. Not to mention open work areas, stylish exposed slabs, and numerous conference rooms and break areas.

Location: 85 Broad Street 14th and 15th Floors
Square Footage: 85,000
Architect: Gensler
VP of Operations: Robert Kondracki
Project Manager: Keith Crosby
Superintendent: Al Giannone
Account Executive: Michael Gallin

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  • Before-Vox Media One
    After-Vox Media One
    Before Vox Media One After
  • Before-Vox Media Two
    After-Vox Media Two
    Before Vox Media Two After
  • Before-Vox Media Three
    After-Vox Media Three
    Before Vox Media Three After