Audemars Piguet

This strikingly bold full-floor project features an elegant interior office space and premier client showroom for one of the world’s most exclusive Swiss watch companies. The design includes open ceilings, floating cloud ceilings, custom concrete floors, and a stylish client lounge, all accented by faux brick walls painted glossy black for added texture and edge. In the lounge, a large piece of artwork dominates a custom-built millwork wall – at the touch of a button, the painting recedes into the ceiling to reveal a hidden display of luxury watches available for viewing and purchase. 


135 East 57th Street
Square Footage: 6,000
Architect: Spin Design
VP of Operations: Andrew Cortese
Project Manager: Chris Kaczor / Keith Crosby
Superintendent: Joseph Tierney
Account Executive: Michael Gallin 

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