This 20,000 square foot full-floor fit-out was for a company based on the West Coast. Among the design features were a large open floor plan with exposed slab ceilings, custom hanging fabric panels, a game room, numerous large conference rooms, and a full corporate café. The choice of custom wood paneling and frosted glass fronts throughout was the perfect finish for this bold, modern design.


Location: 1133 Avenue of the Americas, 16th Floor
Square Footage: 20,000
Architect: Interior Architects (IA)
VP of Operations: Andrew Cortese
Project Manager: Ian Horn
Superintendent: Alan Phibbs
Account Executive: Thomas Gallin, Jr.

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  • Before-Equinix One
    After-Equinix One
    Before Equinix One After
  • Before-Equinix Two
    After-Equinix Two
    Before Equinix Two After
  • Before-Equinix Three
    After-Equinix Three
    Before Equinix Three After