Havas Lobby – Before/After

This architectural upgrade for the 200 Hudson Street lobby gave this entry a distinct new identity. Outside, an updated entrance alcove and new canopy greet visitors coming in from the street. Once inside, back-painted white glass, new LED light fixtures, a sleek new reception desk, and a stainless steel portal with red LED lighting make the space fresh and modern. An ongoing video display wall for Havas Worldwide entertains visitors on their way to the elevators,

“Gallin provided alternatives that were in many cases less expensive than what my consultants were proposing—they were a partner, not a GC trying to maximize profits.”

Frank Mangano

CFO, Havas Worldwide

Location: 200 Hudson Street
Square Footage: 1,000
Architect: TPG Architecture
Project Manager: Robert Kondracki
Superintendent: Al Giannone
Account Executive: Michael Gallin

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  • Before-Havas Lobby 1
    After-Havas Lobby 1
    Before Havas Lobby 1 After
  • Before-Havas Lobby 2
    After-Havas Lobby 2
    Before Havas Lobby 2 After
  • Before-Havas Lobby 3
    After-Havas Lobby 3
    Before Havas Lobby 3 After