Havas Lobby – Before/After

This architectural upgrade for the 200 Hudson Street lobby gave this entry a distinct new identity. Outside, an updated entrance alcove and new canopy greet visitors coming in from the street. Once inside, back-painted white glass, new LED light fixtures, a sleek new reception desk, and a stainless steel portal with red LED lighting make the space fresh and modern. An ongoing video display wall for Havas Worldwide entertains visitors on their way to the elevators,

Location: 200 Hudson Street
Square Footage: 1,000
Architect: TPG Architecture
Project Manager: Robert Kondracki
Superintendent: Al Giannone
Account Executive: Michael Gallin

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  • Before-Havas Lobby 1
    After-Havas Lobby 1
    Before Havas Lobby 1 After
  • Before-Havas Lobby 2
    After-Havas Lobby 2
    Before Havas Lobby 2 After
  • Before-Havas Lobby 3
    After-Havas Lobby 3
    Before Havas Lobby 3 After