Havas Worldwide – Before/After

The construction for their signature 5-floor office space reflects Havas’s culture – open, innovative, and very forward-thinking. At the heart of this bold design, Gallin installed an exposed steel staircase that for four floors climbs effortlessly against a backdrop of a custom designed wood panel/presentation system. Leading off this soaring atrium space are open work areas, full-height glass conference rooms, a two-floor atrium demonstration room and creativity center, a broadcasting studio, editing rooms, numerous café and pantry areas, even a screening room, all distinguished by floating ceilings and exposed slabs.

“Gallin provided alternatives that were in many cases less expensive than what my consultants were proposing—they were a partner, not a GC trying to maximize profits.”

Frank Mangano

CFO, Havas USA

Location: 200 Hudson Street
Square Footage: 250,000
Architect: TPG Architecture
Project Manager: Robert Kondracki
Superintendent: Keith McCorry
Account Executive: Michael Gallin

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  • Before-Havas One
    After-Havas One
    Before Havas One After
  • Before-Havas Two
    After-Havas Two
    Before Havas Two After
  • Before-Havas Three
    After-Havas Three
    Before Havas Three After