Midtown Technology Firm

This project presented Gallin with an exciting opportunity to implement the cutting edge, cost-saving lighting technology called PoE, or Power over the Ethernet. In lieu of conventional electric wiring, PoE lights are powered by data cables. Using dedicated software, users can program commands and make changes that control dimming, timing, and daylight harvesting, without having to physically rewire the lighting scheme. Other highlights include a variety of ceiling treatments – open, sheetrock, and acoustic tile – as well as glass office fronts, an open pantry, a casual reception area/collaboration space, and a bright, spacious conference room.


Location: 650 Fifth Avenue
Square Footage: 7,500
Architect: Nelson
VP of Operations: Robert Kondracki
Project Manager: Keith Crosby
Superintendent: Gregg Boita
Account Executive: Thomas Gallin, Jr.  


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