Scorpio, a shipping company that transports and distributes gasoline, heating oil, fuel oil, and other refinery products, was expanding to occupy the 11thand 12thfloors in the A&D building. Gallin worked closely with the client in the expansion, connecting the floors with a beautiful dark walnut and polished stainless steel staircase meant to evoke Scorpio’s fleet of cargo ships.

150 East 58th Street
Square Footage: 6,000
Architect: MKDA
Project Manager: Jesse Mota
Superintendent: Joseph Tierney
Account Executive: Andrew Cortese

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  • Before-Scorpio One
    After-Scorpio One
    Before Scorpio One After
  • Before-Scorpio Two
    After-Scorpio Two
    Before Scorpio Two After
  • Before-Scorpio Three
    After-Scorpio Three
    Before Scorpio Three After