Spotify – Project 2

Spotify was so pleased with Gallin’s work on their first collaboration, they engaged them again as their business continued to grow, and would prove to be one of their most loyal repeat customers.

For this phase of Spotify’s expansion, just a few floors below, the focus was on energy and creativity. The results were anything but typical: a collection of truly unique spaces that can be used for brainstorming, teaching, lounging, and – thanks to tiered town hall seating – assembling. Add in a wellness room, an amazing reading room, and a reception area with a hidden door, and this project ranks as one of Gallin’s most unique builds yet.

“What Gallin really gave us was peace of mind: their communication, involvement and commitment throughout the process was unparalleled.”

Cecilia Vigil

Global Project Manager Interior Design, Spotify USA

620 Avenue of the Americas
Square Footage: 65,000
Architect: TPG Architecture
Project Manager: Robert Kondracki
Superintendent: Al Giannone
Account Executive: Christopher Gallin

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    After-Spotify Phase II Three
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