Sushi Ginza Onodera

Gallin built this elegant restaurant for the ultimate sushi dining experience. The soaring height of the atrium entrance welcomes visitors into an atmosphere of clean lines and earth tones. The precision of the custom-built counter and imported Japanese wall tile mimic the grid-like pattern of traditional Japanese shoji screens. The floating island and open tables add to the serenity of the space out front, while behind the scenes, Gallin installed a state-of-the-art working kitchen where world-class chefs create their masterpieces.

461 5th Avenue
Square Footage: 4,000
Architect: YT Design
Project Manager: Robert Kondracki
Superintendent: Keith McCorry
Account Executive: Christopher Gallin

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  • Before-Sushi Ginza 1
    After-Sushi Ginza 1
    Before Sushi Ginza 1 After
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    After-Sushi Ginza 2
    Before Sushi Ginza 2 After
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    After-Sushi Ginza 3
    Before Sushi Ginza 3 After