SYPartners – Before/After

Open ceilings. Open work areas. Open culture. Gallin transformed SYPartners’ new space into one perfect for their needs. With an impressive library, a 2,000 square-foot meeting room with specialized AV, and a public-assembly-sized café area complete with a 50-foot communal table, every inch of this space is designed to foster the growth and collaboration at the heart of the SY culture. To that end, this space boasts wood slat ceilings, a 1,000 square foot pantry with custom walnut cabinetry, as well as private ADA bathrooms and showers.

Location: 395 Hudson Street, 8th Floor
Square Footage: 45,000
Architect: Forge Partners
Project Manager: Keith Crosby
Superintendent: Joeseph Tierney
Account Executive: Michael Gallin

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  • Before-SYPartners One
    After-SYPartners One
    Before SYPartners One After
  • Before-SYPartners Two
    After-SYPartners Two
    Before SYPartners Two After
  • Before-SYPartners Three
    After-SYPartners Three
    Before SYPartners Three After