Warner Music Group-Refresh

Long-standing client Warner Music Group asked Gallin back for a spectacular refresh of their 7th floor public assembly space and common areas. In response to the world’s new way of working, the architects at TPG managed to imbue the grand open plan with a residential feel. The minimalist simplicity of the built-in banquettes and marble pantry counters play off the striking impact of angular light fixtures suspended from above or mounted vertically. These fixtures accent the walls of alternating murals and moss. Patterned carpeting and curtain walls soften the effect, resulting in an environment that’s both spacious and cozy.

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Location: 1633 Broadway | 7th Floor
Square Footage: 35,000
Architect: TPG Architecture
Project Manager: Erica Barker
Superintendent: Ben Giannone
Account Executive: Christopher Gallin

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