Bank Street College School of Education – Lobby

The formula for transforming the lobby of Bank Street College of Education was equal parts addition and subtraction. Marvel Architects’ plan to brighten things up meant replacing dark clay tile floors, heavy iron railings and low light with more modern alternatives. Gallin installed a sleek new welcome desk, light-colored terrazzo flooring and custom millwork in warm blonde tones. Lighting was upgraded to give the impression of natural light, while blank walls were conceived as a gallery to showcase the students’ colorful artwork. At the center of it all, the school’s signature tree is set off by a Blendheim glass railing, the perfect complement to the skylight above. 


Location: 610 West 112th Street – Lobby
Square Footage:  8,000
Architect: Marvel Architects
VP of Operations: Andrew Cortese
Project Manager: Robert Gallin
Superintendent: Arturo Lora
Account Executive: Christopher Gallin

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