Tartinery – Before/After

Designs for the Park Avenue location of this stylish, modern eatery included an open floor plan and high exposed ceilings, resulting in a spacious, airy atmosphere. Custom lighting fixtures suspended from wooden beams float like clouds above concrete floors, in a balance of industrial and rustic design. The unique concrete bar grounds the space and makes for a bold first impression.


Location: 90 Park Avenue
Square Footage: 3,000
Architect: Ishac Design Architects
VP of Operations: Andrew Cortese
Project Manager: Chris Kaczor
Superintendent: Anthony Leddy
Account Executive: Thomas Gallin Jr.

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  • Before-TartineryOne
    Before TartineryOne After
  • Before-TartineryTwo
    Before TartineryTwo After
  • Before-TartineryThree
    Before TartineryThree After